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Presenting a New Look

The wait is finally over! MFPA presents its very own fashion label: Doue. The French word for 'Gifted', Doue personifies the sheer talent and determination within our 'differently-abled' artists who are in itself the foundation of this brand. Inspired by their unimaginable talent to paint with mouth or foot, inspired by their never ending creativity, inspired by the thought to better the lives of these extraordinary artists, Doue was born. So come be a part of this beautiful journey with us and add Doue to your life!

All our designs are inspired by original artwork created by artists with their mouth or foot.

Art on Jewellery

Yes! We bring to you art inspired Jewellery that adds a splash of color to your everyday routine.

Designs curated from a pool of over 4000 paintings by MFPA artists across the globe so rest assured of our creativity.

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